Paper documents are a vital component within education institutions, from elementary education up through university level education. As schools continually need to reduce costs in any area that they can, education-specific solutions from Image Works of Oklahoma allow schools to significantly cut costs without sacrificing productivity or document quality.

At Image Works, our team is dedicated to helping educational institutions to not only reduce costs in a number of different areas, but also to help enhance their green initiatives through a reduction in paper consumption and through the use of energy efficient devices.

There are many ways that schools can enhance their document processes and begin saving, including:

  • Implement Energy Efficient Devices: The green movement has gained a lot of traction over the last decade, and many schools are looking to take their green initiatives to the next level. While many schools are simply looking to print less, by upgrading your devices you are not only equipping your office with more efficient tools, but also helping to reduce printing costs.
  • Consolidate Equipment: The consolidation of equipment and removal of unnecessary devices is one of the best ways that schools can reduce energy consumption and drive down the costs of printing. By utilizing too many copiers and printers, it is easy to overspend on printing. The consolidation of equipment doesn’t limit users as you may think and can be the first step you take towards maximizing savings.
  • Utilize Managed Print Services: Managed Print Services is one of the single most effective and comprehensive methods of lowering printing costs and enhancing your green initiatives. MPS helps you to identify where excess printing takes place in your office and create an action plan to reduce printing in the areas that are causing excess spending. Along with the automation of supply orders, simplification of service/maintenance and ensuring your hardware always has the latest software and drivers, MPS is an easy solution that leads to big sav-ings.

These are just a few of the many ways that schools are approaching printing differently. To learn more about how you can get started in your school, please contact us today!